Married Mother of Three Returns from Saudi Arabia after 7 Years with 2 Kids from Different Men

A Kenyan woman has narrated how she went to Saudi Arabia seven years ago with the hope of making money and giving her three children a better future but ended up returning home empty-handed and with two kids.

Merab Wanjiku who hails from Gatundu, Kiambu came back to Kenya a fortnight ago, after seven years in the gulf but sadly, besides the two lovely kids that she came with, she had nothing to show for it.

Speaking on Baruthi Wa Thayu YouTube channel, the woman said she initially left Kenya due to the difficulties she was facing in her marriage with her abusive husband.

The mother of five children recalled that she had to leave the home because her husband would assault her every now and then. She thus secretly worked with an agent with the hopes of flying to the middle east nation.

“A friend of mine who saw how I was suffering in the marriage gave me the idea to go to Saudi. She asked me to look for KSh 10,000 so that I could get started with the process,” she said.

One fine morning, she left the country for what she thought would be a life-changing opportunity but a year and four months into the country, things started going south.

Due to the fights from her husband, she was in constant pain and so handling the house chores in her boss’s house in Saudi became impossible. She thus told her employer that she wants to come back to Kenya but they were adamant.

“They took me to another Arab’s house to work for them but there, the workload was even worse,” she said.

What would follow were frantic efforts to try and get back to Kenya but she did not get the help she needed even from the Kenyan Embassy.

She would meet a Kenyan man and his wife who sadly, conned her almost all the money she had earned, leaving her with nothing to survive on.

Wanjiku narrated that she started interacting with a group of ladies whom she would party with, in Saudi and it was in this process that she met her first Sudanese lover who impregnated her.

“When I became pregnant, he, however, left to his country, never to return. I did not even get to speak to him again,” she recalled.

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A few months after giving birth to her fourth child and first one in Saudi, she would then meet another guy, a Sudanese, whom she got pregnant with. This was her fifth child, and second in the Middle-East nation.

Sadly, none of the men stuck around to help her support the two children. Life became so unbearable for her that she gave herself up to a deportation centre together with her two children.

Wanjiku came back a few weeks ago, after seven years in Saudi but she can barely even feed herself and the little kids.

Worse, the three children that she left in Kenya are suffering as their dad remarried and left them all by themselves living in pitiable conditions.

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