Jicho Pevu exposes Big names in corruption deals

Mp Nyali Mohammed Ali famously known as Jicho Pevu has exposed the names behind Mombasa port deals and Naivasha.

Speaking to journalists today,Ali said that its a shame for an indivual to have 80% shares in Mombasa port.He mentioned the Names of Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his brother as big beneficiaries.

He went on to say that these greedy leaders are not representing the interests of the people but there own interests.”This is why they blocked my motion from being read in parliament because they knew i will expose all the corrupt leaders with big names,so i have no guts to say those names outside here because they will kill me.”Moha said.

Moha also mentioned Kenyatta family,J M Kariuki family and other big names as the big beneficiaries from Naivasha Port.These individuals bought Land from farmers without there consent worthy 8billion but ended up with a price of two billion,they paid the farmers the 1b and onother 1b they paid themselves.

The land was worthy 8billion according to they knew very well that the railway was to pass through that land and therefore did intentionally inorder to get compensation from the Government.

Moha finished by saying that his life is in danger after this expose.He affirmed that they will boycott until the Government gets their plea.

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